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What are the properties of tarpaulin? Tarpaulin products can prevent rain, heat and cold. Therefore, such products are required to have certain performance.

(1) Basic performance requirements of tarpaulin

Considering the various uses of tarpaulin, the general requirements are as follows:

(1) Light weight, easy to fold and easy to handle;

(2) High strength, wear resistance and long service life;

(3) Good waterproof and air permeability, anti condensation water on the inner side;

(4) Acid and alkali resistant, mould proof and corrosion resistant;

(5) Good weather resistance, flame retardant and fireproof;

(6) No wicking effect, no moisture conduction.

Tarpaulins are generally required to have the function of "Three Preventions". It is waterproof, fireproof (flame retardant) and mildew proof.

(2) Main performance indicators

In the specific product design or use, the following performance indicators of tarpaulin should be considered.

1. Air permeability: the air permeability of tarpaulin must be considered, especially for military tarpaulin. The influence factors of air permeability include the structure, density, material, type of waterproof finishing agent, resin adhesion, etc. With the increase of resin adhesion, the air permeability of tarpaulin decreases. Of course, this is related to the finishing agent used. Generally, the air permeable tarpaulins are cotton, vinylon, lacquer fiber and other short vinylon fabrics finished with paraffin or acrylic resin.

2. Tensile strength: the tarpaulin should bear all kinds of tension when it is used, for example, when it is fixed, it should be subject to tension; in the process of use, it should be affected by additional forces such as wind, rain and saving. In spite of these external forces, they are still required to keep their original shape and not easy to deform, which requires high tensile strength of tarpaulins, and there should not be too large difference in longitudinal and latitudinal tensile strength. In particular, the tensile strength of large-scale shelter used for inflatable construction is extremely important. Generally, the base cloth is made of high strength polyester, vinylon and other long fiber fabrics, which are waterproof finished by vinyl chloride resin and chlorosulfonated polyethylene resin. The strength of the product is mainly determined by the strength of the fiber material and the density of the fabric.

3. Elongation skin and dimensional stability: as eaves awning and large-scale awning, they are often used under tension. Fabric elongation should not be too large, and its dimensional stability is determined by the creep properties of materials.

4. Tear strength: tarpaulin damage is mainly caused by tearing, so tear strength is an important indicator of tarpaulin. The tearing strength is related to whether the tarpaulin will be broken due to the action of foreign objects, or if for some reasons, the tarpaulin will expand around after forming holes and form large structural cracks. So, when the tension is high. Both high tensile strength and tear strength are required.

5. Water resistance: water resistance is an important characteristic of tarpaulin. Vinyl chloride resin is filled in the gap of fabric structure through impregnation finishing to form film. If the resin adhesion per unit area exceeds a certain degree, the water resistance is not a problem. If the film is thin, it is easy to break when it is bent, rubbed or worn, which may cause mud water.

6. Flame retardant: from the use of safety hair, the tarpaulin is required to have good flame retardant. The flame retardancy can be obtained by selecting flame retardant fiber and base cloth, or by adding flame retardant into coating agent. There is a direct relationship between the amount of flame retardant and the effect of flame retardant.

In addition to the above performance requirements, the tarpaulin also requires superior cold resistance, heat resistance, tarpaulin, creep resistance, repeated fatigue resistance, wear resistance and bending resistance.

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