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In the last year, we experienced the bitterness of bitter, also common harvest the joy of success, Jiangsu Kunlin in the challenge and grasp the opportunity, improve efficiency in the management of domestic and foreign markets, two achieved good economic benefits, to expand the domestic market share, to speed up the foreign market development process, greatly enhance the ability of the company's core competitiveness and sustained profitability. In 2013, Zhangjiagang Mau continue to achieve rapid catch-up across key, in the future development of the strategic objectives have been clear under the guidance of the Mau, Zhangjiagang will be through the breakthrough thinking, optimize the management and service, improve quality standards, and strengthen the implementation capacity, strengthen independent innovation, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of equipment and a series of measures, implementation rapid catch-up across. It will further give full play to enterprises in technological innovation, new product development, market development, service marketing and other aspects of the advantages, strengthen and perfect quality management, to enhance the quality of products; to enhance the brand image; and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises; to realize the grand goal, unremittingly efforts to actively! The new year is coming to us, we always have mixed feelings, thoughts. The new year, we have lots of things to do, there are many tasks to be finished, we will face new challenges and new opportunities. 2013, we are full of confidence and enthusiasm; 2013, we are full of hope and passion. Looking to the future, we will continue to strive, to keep pace with the times, dedicated to provide the most affordable treatment and high-quality services to the masses of cadres and workers of the new and old customers. On the occasion of the arrival of the new year, to all the staff of enterprise and hard work, support development of the company, giving the company a sincere trust and enthusiasm in my deep gratitude and heartfelt tribute! I wish you all Good-naturedness leads to propitiousness., in the new year good health, family happiness!

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